All-In-One College and School Management Software

Best School Management System in Kenya with all essential functionalities required to manage the school efficiently and automate everything remotely. FusionSMS is All in one School Management System that will enable your institution to offer remote learning cost-effectively and securely while enabling you to run the whole organization

Our School Management System

Fusion SMS is a user-friendly School Management System in Kenya. It has a dashlet enabled dashboard, where you can see all relevant information about your institute in one place. We have a complete set of online tutorial videos and support articles to help you get started with Fusion-SMS, an efficient School Management software in Kenya.

This Kenya’s top School Management Software is compatible with all devices like Laptop, Smartphones, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and many more. It helps in managing all complicated functions of your school like student fees, exam results, daily attendance, inventory, library, timetable, student management, staff management, documents, notifications, online examination and transport.

Why Fusion School Management Software?

FusionSMS is the best school management software in Kenya which comes with all user-friendly features and functionalities to automate all the school operations, so that you can run your school seamlessly from a remote location. FusionSMS is the best school management system in Kenya which helps to analyze day to day activities or operations of the school and assists the management in taking data-driven and result-oriented decisions with a long-term goal.

FusionSMS school ERP software comes with many core modules that manages all the school business operations including academics, administration, fee collection, exam management, finance, etc., thereby assists you in automating, optimizing and streamlining all your school business operations making your business more profitable.